Welcome to our new Website!  Happy New Year!  It is melting and muddy slush here today after yet another thaw.  I don't think we have had snow on the ground for more than 4 days at a time so far this winter.  That's very unusual for Grey County and the Bruce Peninsula, but it will make for a shorter winter. 

The little pullets our chick-crazed broodies hatched this summer are just starting to lay even tinier pullet eggs.  I think the Euskal oiloas are laying as well as the Chanteclers despite being 4 weeks younger and it being just past winter solstice.  The eggs look too dark for the chanties.  We even got a blue egg from Lawnmower girl, our miraculously surviving Lavender Ameraucana that got away with a shaved shoulder and wing in the summer.  A daily dab of Watkins Petro-carbo fixed her up after a week.  

I am going to be hacthing and selling our pure bred chicken breeds eggs in Canada this year so check out our fertilized chicken hatching eggs page!  Euskal Oiloak Basque hens, Partridge Chanteclers,  Lavender Ameraucanas, Black Penedesencas, Lavender Orpingtons, Wheaten Ameraucanas and a few Black Sumatras.

I took the pic below a few days ago from my computer window!  It's my view when I am writing and I love it.  I will be writing more in the new year.  I am hoping to be able to take some time off doing dentistry at least this month.  I'll be writing more chicken articles, and working on my Zazzle stores as I love the designing.  The thing is, with both of those fun creative things is I have no idea where the time goes!  

So welcome, and enjoy and comment all you like!  I'd love to hear your suggestions and questions and will answer them in my later blog posts.

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View to the West through our new Patio door!!

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